I would like to dedicate this website, to the late Steven H. Hopkins. Had it not been for him inspiring me to follow my interest in programming, and supplying me with the guidance and tools necessary to do so, I would not have obtained the skills or ability to create all of the amazing things that I have. I only wish he could be here today to see the gift he has given me, and what it has allowed me to do. Programming was his passion. I'm so thankful he was willing to share some of his skills with me, and ignite the spark of interest I had into the enveloping form it has taken on today.

- Thank you Steve -

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How this website came to be

The primary reason behind producing this website was that there is no definitive web page on Edna Bay, or Kosciusko Island for that matter. Being a resident here and having a high speed internet connection, I occasionally search the net for information on Kosciusko to see if there is anything new. Sometimes there is a write up in a news report on the karst properties of the island and/or why logging must not be allowed to continue here. There is rarely actually anything informative about the island, it's residents, or even it's history and future. Along with that and the fact that I am an adequately skilled programmer in many languages, I sought to produce the definitive source of information and images on the island community I reside in - Edna Bay.

I have wanted to produce a website for some time, and get a chance to test out my web design skills on a real project. It also gave me an excuse to learn even more about web development to further the design and interface interactivity of this site. In all, as you can see above, it only took me a little under two weeks to complete. I will continue to change and update it as I see fit, but for now it is in an accessible, and user friendly state. This website design was somewhat of a challenge because, as I said before, I had never made a real web page before this one. I had only just experimented with HTML and it's associated languages in an offline page design environment. It also helped that our ISP provides us with 10MB of free online server storage space for a website, and until now only a small fraction of it was even being utilized.

The real reason behind this page is to give other people in the Southeast Alaska area a much better outlook and view on Edna Bay. It also offers friends and family a good place to visit when they want to see where we live. Our local floatplane service, Taquan Air, also uses the webcam(s) offered by the site to see what the weather is like out here before they dispatch a plane to the bay. I hope other people stop in to see what the bay looks like through the webcam(s) too. The plan is also to continue updating the pictures page until our online storage is totally utilized - so keep checking back for new updates. I won't make any promises on an update schedule. However, I will try my best to update it whenever possible.

I also decided to develop the site because in general, there is mostly a negative form of description offered on other websites when they describe Edna Bay. The truth is that after logging subsided, a population decline followed. That does not mean that the community of Edna Bay is on it's way out. In fact, there are many new residents and property owners here, and more are showing interest all the time. On top of that, the roads are due to be reworked, the bridges in the bay rebuilt, and managed logging is due to return - which are all very good things for the island and the community of Edna Bay.

In general, this website is here to offer anyone curious about the area a good view and description of what is here, and why a community exists out in such a remote place. I want the website to be interesting to people, and offer new things to read and look at often enough to maintain interest. I hope the webcam(s) alone will do that much. I feel that I have accomplished my goal, and I hope you enjoy(ed) your visit. Thanks for stopping by!

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